Max Brooks – Zombie Survival Guide (Der Zombie Survival Guide – Überleben unter Untoten)

I thought it would be quite cool to change my listening preferences for a while and dab into the amazing German language on my way to work. And it was absolutely the right choice when I was presented with some amazing words – “selbsmord” (literally killing of self – suicide) and “hinterhältigen” (devious)

The Zombie Survival Guide is the key to successfully warding off the undead, a constant threat to humans. Through comprehensive information, this survival guide covers the full range of potential attack and defense techniques. He gives advice on zombie-safe living, explains the physiology and typical behavior patterns of zombies and describes the most important items in the fight against these devious opponents.

rezension_der_zombie_survival_guide_dokumentierte_angriffe_cover.jpgI freaking loved this book. I was grinning from ear to ear in my car at a stop light listening to different ways various weapons work and the deadliness scale of each of them. (Yes, I love knives and other weapons) and this guide, while written for a Zombie Apocalypse can actually be a really good survival guide for extreme circumstances involving any global epidemic. Much like The Stand by Stephen King and I am Legend by Robert Matheson, the book spends some time with building a complete image of how life would be like after a disastrous attack on humankind.

The book covers:

  • Historical appearances of Zombies (it was funny that he went that far with it)
  • Self-defense
  • Preparing your home for a worst-case scenario
  • Best places to hide in case of an apocalypse (with pros and cons). – I’ve never thought of Oil Rigs, just assumed I’d hide in the mountains but apparently that’s a bad idea due to the rocks that can hide the undead
  • Whether to go at it alone or in a group (advantages for small groups, disadvantages for large groups)
  • Best fortified areas to keep camp in (made me think of how Rick and the gang chose The Prison in The Walking Dead)
  • How to steer clear of other humans and how not to be a hero (just survive)
  • Best weapons against zombies (from knives to guns and explosives) – with pros and cons.
  • How to pack light and what a travel pack should contain
  • How to train for a worst case (and I liked the analogy of building a bridge in a day isn’t possible)
  • Food sources and scavanging
  • Psychology and more importantly group psychology (do you remember the brutal pit fights in Walking Dead (The Governor)? That was actually a very good idea as it gave the people anti-boredom treatment and improved morale)
  • Radioactive zombies
  • How to clean an infected area and what to avoid (hospitals and police stations)
  • The first 24h
  • The first year survival tips. I liked how he explained the obvious. If the zombie don’t kill you, other humans will in their attempt to survive. Or small cuts and grazes and other diseases would get you.

    Book was adapted into World War Z with Brad Pitt

Selling point: catering to your fears of Zombies.

“As we all know, the world we live in has become a scary place, and the global increase in zombie attacks is of major cause for alarm. Don’t be foolish with your most precious asset — life. Hordes of zombies may be stalking you right now without you even knowing it.


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