The Devil’s Triangle – Catherine Coulter

This book made little to no sense. Jumpig from one country to another, scrambled timelines and with a cast ranging from DaVinci and his lover to about 15 interchangeable personalities with generic names like Mick and Ajax, the book left little enthusiasm and kept me hoping for an early finish.

And when the dialogue was along these lines, I was mostly praying in vain:

“Yes, here it is. The Kohaths have a house in a town called Castel Rigone, near a big lake called Lake Trasimeno. It’s only thirty minutes from the airport in Perugia. Huge place, too. Practically a castle.” Kitsune was already heading toward the door. “That’s where they are. Mike’s right—since Grant is there, the Kohaths must be, too. We have to go now.”

The Story

This book starts off with a master thief stealing Moses staff from the Topkapi museum. But the people who paid her to steal it try to kill her. She escapes and overhears them bragging about causing a huge dust storm in the Gobi desert that is killing thousands of people in Beijing. She calls the FBI for help when the people who control the weather kidnap her husband.
These insane criminals are searching for the Ark of the Covenant. While I did finish this book, it was just too preposterous to be believable. The first James Bond movie with the crazy Dr. No was clearly tongue in cheek. This book was not. The FBI team was filled with likeable characters, but some of the stunts they pulled were not realistic.

The dialogue is cliched and stilted and the plot is, at times, absurd.

1/5 burn pile


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