Marianne – The French Horror Flick that brought exorcisms back on the table

OMG! I binge watched “Marianne” today and it was freaking scary. Perfect for the upcoming Halloween! I’m talking really scary due to the well used horror tropes:

  • elderly possessed woman (like The Skeleton Key)
  • Creepy children
  • Scary dreams
  • Demons!
  • Falling teeth
  • one hanged woman
  • Slowly walking bloodied bodies

I think what really got me was the scenes with the old woman (Marianne) who is definitely crazy but the way she takes out her own tooth with a knife and then saws off a hand using a kitchen knife was out of this world. Add in some people walking up from the waves – and you have yourself a good horror.

The premise is similar to “The Ring“. If enough people read the books with Marianne, she will gain enough power to manifest itself. So, the old woman is trying to convince the writer (Emma – played by Call Me By Your Name’s Victoire Du Bois ) to continue her series after she had published her last chapter (reminds me of the old Stephen King novel Misery). “ECRIT” (write) appears in the steamed mirror.el3weppnsrvvcsrwj03k.png

Returning to her hometown, she is forced to confront her past – which may be worse than the stories she creates. Soon she’s forced to face her demons, and a witch that haunts her called Marianne, who seemed to be kept at bay by Emma’s writings. In the trailer alone, souls and lives are claimed at the hands of, frankly, the scariest woman put to TV in a long, long time.


RELEASE DATE: 13 September 2019


Good bits:
  1. the investigator is half decent
  2. Emma Larsimon has a dark past and we get to see it in bits
  3. there is some drama in there to keep us interested
  4. witches, demons and exorcisms!
  5. A book that when written causes the story to come true (Like Scary Stories we tell in the Dark)
  6. A writer that’s forced to write (like Stephen King novel Misery)
  7. Increase in demonic power as the books are read
  8. Creepy inscriptions in the skins of victims
  9. Creepy hallucinations and dream-like states
  10. perpetual gloom to keep the horror fans screaming in excitement (I’m one of them)

Bad Bits:

  1. It’s filmed in total darkness at points. I was watching it during the day time and I couldn’t help but draw the blinds shut to be able to see what was going on

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