Lost and Found by Danielle Steel

I really don’t understand the high ratings this book has gotten. Utterly dreary soap opera that sucked a bit of my soul out before it finished.

Renowned photographer Madison Allen works as a professional photographer and is a single mom of three children after her husband shacked with a younger model and left her to fend for herself. We hear all about the difficulties of being a working single mom to three children and the animosity that exists between her oldest daughter and her.

We get to meet and greet in detail all of her children and the when she suffers an accident when decorating, she decides to find all her past loves and find out what might have been. Like really?

198003446X.jpgWearing a cast and driving a rented SUV, she sets off to reconnect with three very different men—one in Boston, one in Chicago, and another in Wyoming—to know once and for all if the decisions she made long ago were the right ones. Before moving forward into the future, she is compelled to confront the past.

I absolutely hated this book. You have here an accomplished woman and a bully of a daughter who doesn’t know how well she had it compared to other kids. It’s supposed to be about motherhood and love but all I took from it was: “Older single mom looks for a future in the past by stirring shit up with older lovers”

I read many Danielle Steele books when I was younger. My mother read her too. The stories were light and the love that blossomed within would warm the heart of any housewife. This book though, it was repetitive, boring and preachy.

Was this meant to be a lesson to Danielle Steel’s own children? Respect your elders? Have respect for other’s accomplishments?



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