How I Met My Son: A Journey Through Adoption by Rosalind Powell

How I Met My Son is more than a memoir, it is an invaluable guide to the reality of adoption in the UK. Both joyful and heartbreaking, the path to becoming a parent is laid bare. The story explores the sadness of infertility, the rigours of IVF, the minefield of social services, the intensity of the assessment process, the difficulties of choosing a child (and being chosen) and the happiness and shock of finally bringing that child home.

A candid, compelling and inspirational book about what it means to be a parent of a child that isn’t, biologically, your own.


The book was quite well written, short and to the point when it came to the subjective trials that lead a couple to look into adoption. Failed IVFs, multiple attempts and disappointments and in the end, the gruelling process that vets parents as OK people that can adopt.

But that is only the start and later on, Rosalind and her husband had to pick a child among many that required help and then once the decision was made, live through the terrible attachment process. Luckily their son was quite young and was able to return to normalcy easier than normal. But other people had not had this luck. Accompanying this book are stories about adoptions that did not turn out so well, about single adopters, same-sex adopters and about the stretched grins received in answer to the question: “how’s everything going?”

I liked the book but not well enough to keep it in my book case. Went to the charity pile.



Rosalind Powell is a journalist with over two decades of experience and an extensive portfolio of work across national newspapers and magazines including The Observer, Independent, Guardian, Sunday Times and Mirror, as well as magazines such as Red, Grazia, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and Hello!,where she is currently Contributing Editor. Rosalind has interviewed hundreds of celebrities and high-profile figures across the arts and entertainment world forHello!, and has written elsewhere on a broad range of subjects from the serious – adoption and domestic violence, IVF, AIDS and addiction – to the frivolous – striptease, tango and the Academy Awards. How I Met My Son is her first book.

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