10 Beautiful Pictures from my Uncle’s Camera (Cluj, Romania)

I don’t usually post family stuff online (I know too much about what exposure can get you and it’s not all good things) but sometimes I like to draw attention to a little country in the East of Europe who is mostly badmouthed on the news but still has a lot to offer when you visit.

Some winter mornings are astounding

Sometimes the summers do not offer a lot more light
Sometimes cats are pets too and not just good to have around in case of mice
Parents like to raise money and fortunes for their kids (whether they want it or not). They don’t want their offspring to experience the same type of loss they had when growing up and want a better future. Romanians are one of the few countries where the house/apt ownership rate is over 90%
There’s nothing like organic food grown in your own garden. Tomatoes, potatoes and a few beans. We even have a family competition of who can grow the biggest tomato. My dad won with a beast weighing 1.5Kg
We support monasteries and hermetic-ism as it favours spiritual development


Forests and Mountains and hills and green. There’s a lot of untouched land making this area especially pretty.


After the rain! We have books and books about which mushroom are safe to eat as we don’t want to include a trip to the doctor after a bad batch,
Winterscape. As most continental countries, Romania gets pretty cold in the winter with temperatures usually dropping to -10 and sometimes to -30 degrees Celsius. I once had champagne freeze in a flute on New Year’s Day when I went to see the fireworks and I couldn’t have been out for more than 10 minutes.


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