American Gods Season 2

Gaiman’s a hell of a writer. Even with Anderson and Chenoweth gone, this is still a striking and deep ensemble. But the whole thing is hollow and dull. Fuller and Green’s vision of American Gods was far from perfect throughout, but it could be stunning in isolated moments or episodes, where the new season offers very little to believe in.

Some performances stand out, like Pablo Schreiber’s tough-talking, soft-hearted leprechaun and Laura Browning’s impatient, slowly dying zombie — while others don’t quite elevate above the ordinary.

I’ve read the book and at around episode five I no longer had any idea what the script writers were doing (It’s like Game of Thrones Season 8). There are long scenes where nothing of any consequence or even interest happens. It’s like they just started making stuff up to fill in the time. I actually turned off when they had shirtless dancing cowboys performing a terrible cabaret act and Shadow Moon was shuffling around a shopping mall, for ages.
Watch the first season, it really is a lot of fun and very stylish but skip this empty and lifeless filler-fest.
Better off, read the book as it will give you gems like this: click here for excerpt

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