Rumi Kaur – Milk and Honey Poetry

I’ve had the biggest pleasure of picking up a poetry book which left me shaken and in awe of the raw talent I saw.


The poetry book is split into different chapters, some dealing with break-ups, with love, with family and the saddest ones – with abuse.
They are heart-wrenching to read but then they are offset by the shine that comes through in the later pages.


I loved that some of the poems had little drawings next to them explaining what the story was about (as they all tell a story of some sort).





The good bits: it evokes emotion – like most poetry should do. There’s a lot to process when reading and the metaphors are astounding. It talks about femininity, emotions, trauma and love. It’s very much unlike any other poetry books out there and it does do the job of capturing the essence in a few well chosen words.

The bad bits: sometimes the poetry does not follow a rhythm and there are no rhymes. It’s like writing a sentence and separating it on multiple lines.

The later chapters made me feel like I was reading through a 13-year-old’s Tumblr account.


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