I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy

I have had the most amazing day yesterday. I’ve finally met my daughter!
I was at the edge of my seat for most of a year, waiting for the paperwork to be finalized, going in front of two panels that got to vote whether a single, multi-cultural, dual-citizenship chick with a handful of friends and no family nearby is fit to adopt.
I’ve had my past invaded by prying eyes, I’ve had to bare it all for the world to see. Every failed pregnancy attempt, every relationship that did not work out. I had to get references not just from my work but from my ex boyfriends – that would testify whether I would be a good momma or not.

All that’s done. Yesterday – I met MaryJane (name is OBVIOUSLY faked)- the child I’ve picked to raise. She’s 8 and a bit. She’s a Scorpio like me – meaning that I’ll have to hide all the Ouija boards and ghost hunting material I’ve been gathering until she’s older. And she’s dark haired and brown eyed just like yours truly.

https___static.vecteezy.com_system_resources_previews_000_206_013_original_funny-cinco-de-mayo-vector.jpgMy knees were shaking like two castanets at a Cinco de Mayo celebration. Would she start crying when she sees me? Would she go hide, would she go “Like, seriously, this is the best you could find?”

It all went really really well! Her eyes went so big that they nearly swallowed her face and I felt like crying. * shoot, me crying now *

She gave me a hug and then took two steps back and was looking at me. I did a twirl in my nicely picked pink outfit. I was wearing a scarf made from the most delicate material and I took it off and I put it on her. Made a bow. Made a Parisienne knot. Made a cape. Turned her into Mata-hari. She started laughing.

My heart melted and that was it. I know I love this child and I’ll do it since I move up to the next level (that’s death for the noobs 🙂 )

I feel so happy now and I just wanted to share my joy with the rest of the world!

This OBVIOUSLY isn’t me 🙂 

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