A man tries to teach a dog how to make love to a woman * Joke

A man was drinking in a bar.  Next to him was a beautiful German Shepherd. A woman was admiring the dog and the man said..

“yes he is a lovely dog but I’m still training him”
“oh!”  She said.  “what sort of things are you training him to do”?
“Well right now I’m training him to make love to a beautiful woman” he said.
The woman blushed and said,, “you’re kidding me!”
“It’s true!”  The man replied – “I can prove it to you if you come outside”
So she did.  Outside the man looked at the dog and said – “go on then, get on with it!”

The dog sat there and looked at him.  The man tried for several minutes to coax the dog into making love to the woman to no avail, while the woman was doing her best to look seductive.  Finally the man said….

…..”Okay Rover” as he unzipped his fly,

“but this is the very last time I’m going to show you!”


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