My favourite scenes from Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3

I freaking loved the last Game of Thrones episode. Even with the low lighting. Despite the low lighting. It was nothing like Lord of the Rings – Battle of Helm’s deep – but it still had some good points.
The low lighting made you wish for some sun, some fire. The Red Lady (Melisandre) was the one who saved their collective asses – twice. She gave them hope only to literally see it extinguished when the tactical leaders made the worst tactical mistake in military planning.

You NEVER send the cavalry first.
Dany was supposed to wait with Jon Snow for the signal but seeing her Dothraki decimated – she sprang into action and from there on the entire plan went to shit.
Tyrion and Sansa were both useless in this episode and didn’t even offer any comforting speeches to keep people calm and hopeful. She just went in the crypts, coughed and sat down. Shit leader here.
Arya was MVP and even with her head smashed she was still fighting.
And I bet her final rescue was foreseen by Bran- otherwise why would he had given her that dagger? PS: Bran flew those crows to see where the Night King was but did he also watch The Avengers?

Looking forward to tomorrow’s episode. Only 3 left!

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