The mystery of mimicking a person in order to get closer to them

When people communicate they use different methods of expressing themselves – gestures always accompany our words and help to express our feelings. Correct interpretation of gestures can tell us even more than words. Some gestures demonstrate partner’s unconcealed intentions, secret thoughts and hidden desires.

Actually, your success in relations with the opposite sex depends on your abilities to understand the signals sent by your partner. If you interpret them in a right way, you can send your own appropriate signals to him and behave tactically. If you want to figure someone out, it’s better to combine that person’s words and gestures when analyzing a situation.


It’s worth mentioning that women possess a larger spectrum of refined ways to make men (or other women) notice them. However, long stares, adjusting hair and clothes, and alluring gestures are common for both sexes. For example, blushing cheeks and dilated pupils show person’s excitement. If you want to have a complete understanding between you and your partner, you can put them at east by copying their pose and reflecting their gestures. Do it discretely and gradually, until you feel comfortable.

In case of long-distance relationship, guys want to know how to behave when meeting ladies after the long months of correspondence over the Internet. Behaving correctly is very important in these situations. So, here’s one tip that will help you understand if your female partner is sexually attracted to you.


Scientists say, before two people decide if they need or want each other, their chemistry on subconscious level has already known it from the first moment of their face-to-face meeting. Every person has intimate or private space with the radius of 50 centimeters. If you want to check whether a somebody likes you or not, try to get closer to them by breaking this limit and step back after a few seconds. Then watch their reaction. If they allow you to enter their territory and feel relaxed, free and comfortable, it’s a signal for you to get closer to them.

Other signs of interest are feet spread a bit wider than usual, toes directed towards a person they are interested in.

By the way, women are more sensible to different smells than men are. So, if they find some odor nice and gentle, it can greatly increase their sexual desire. Before seeing the lady of your dream, use some good toilet water, but not too strong.



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