March Gardening – Top Ten Growing Tips

Gardening Tip #1: This time of year, we’re tired of winter. We are anxious to get our hands into some dirt. One of the biggest mistakes we make with our indoor starts, is to allow our anxiousness to translate into planting indoor starts too early. See the back of the seed packet. It usually tells you the number of weeks to start seeds before setting them outdoors.

Gardening Tip #2: Frost and cold are among the worries for early spring gardens. Don’t wait for an unexpected cold snap to get ready for action. Plan ahead on how to protect young plants and seedlings from cold spring weather.

Gardening Tip #3: Chives and onions are among the hardiest of cold hardy plants. They are among the first seeds to plant. Try starting some chives indoors now, while the snow melts. Then, transplant them outdoors as soon as the ground can be worked.

Gardening Tip #4: Try something new! Most gardeners are an adventuresome lot. We love to try new and unique plants. Here’s a couple unique plants, that will be a real conversation piece to anyone who sees it in your garden. How about pumpkins and some cotton?

Gardening Tip #5: It lurks in your home. Often the indoor environment is perfect to promote Damping Off disease, which can be fatal to your indoor seedling starts. And, it’s present outdoors as well.

Gardening Tip #6: If you read last month’s Tip # 6 on raised beds, you are probably sold on the benefits of them. Now you need to acquire them, and then fill them with a soil mixture perfect for a raised bed.

Gardening Tip #7: Looking to have a more organic garden this year? That’s a great goal. Explore using Epsom Salts in your garden this year. It’s organic!

Gardening Tip # 8: The vast majority of vegetable gardeners grow tomato plants. And, most tomato growers grow more than one variety. While seed manufacturers offer fewer and fewer varieties, there are hundreds of varieties of tomatoes.

Gardening Tip #9: As soon as the snow melts, you may see signs of moles, voles and other rodents. It is important to rid your yard and garden of these pests now, before they have a litter of more pests.

Gardening Tip #10: Did you know proper soil temperature is one of the important, make that vital, requirements for seed germination. It varies by plant. Too cold, and they just lie there, susceptible to rotting in spring rains, bug, birds and rodents. Too warm, and the seeds literally “cook”. A Soil Thermometer is an inexpensive, yet valuable gardening tool. Use it indoor, or out.

Gardening Holidays :

March 12 is Plant a Flower Day. I’m ready, are you!?

March 26 is National Spinach Day. – This vegetable gets some well-deserved recognition

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