Let’s Live Suddenly Without Thinking

let’s live suddenly without thinking

under honest trees,
a stream
does.the brain of cleverly-crinkling
-water pursues the angry dream
of the shore. By midnight,
a moon
scratches the skin of the organised hills

an edged nothing begins to prune

let’s live like the light that kills
and let’s as silence,
because Whirl’s after all:
(after me)love,and after you.
I occasionally feel vague how
vague idon’t know tenuous Now-
spears and The Then-arrows making do
our mouths something red,something tall

In his poem “Lets Live Suddenly Without Thinking”, E. E. Cummings beautifully illustrates the worn themes of love and life through refreshing abstract imagery and an authentic poetic voice. The journey he takes the reader on is entirely personal; as he leads us through his poem on a roller coaster of emotions, allowing the reader to feel instead of think their way through the maze of his words. His artfully chosen metaphors urge us to quiet the raging thoughts inside our heads that are programmed to over-calculate the risks of living and loving, “because Whirl’s after all” will inevitably bring about chaos and pain.

cummings-profileThe poet and critic Randall Jarrell once noted that Cummings is

“one of the most individual poets who ever lived—and, though it sometimes seems so, it is not just his vices and exaggerations, the defects of his qualities, that make a writer popular. But, primarily, Mr. Cummings’s poems are loved because they are full of sentimentally, of sex, of more or less improper jokes, of elementary lyric insistence.”

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