Empty Throne Book 2 – Those Below

Here comes the sequel and final book in the Empty Throne series by Daniel Polansky. While book 1 acted more like a scene setter and character introduction, book 2 takes the plot (very slowly) and gives it a twist and a turn and a satisfying conclusion. The last 10 pages of the book were the most interesting I’ve read in all 300+!

This story picked up where the previous book left off with the ambitious Aelerians readying for a war against their inhuman overlords. Bas and his army have routed the last of the human opposition and now ready themselves for the ultimate test against the Eternal. Thistle, now renamed Pyrre, has joined the cause of the Five Fingered and seeks redemption for himself and freedom for his oppressed people. Calla senses that war is inevitable and wants to do all she can to protect the Roost from invasion. Eudokia finds herself in the Roost itself, as a political emissary of sorts, and pits her wits against those of the Eternals as she seeks to put the final touches in her long held dreams of dominance and vengeance.

Didn’t care for any of the characters in the slightest but did follow them much like you would do with an animal in the zoo. What will they do next? Will they go there? Or here? It was mediocre at best and the Alien suicide (spoiler) like lemmings at the end brought the book from the 1 star to the 2 required to put it on the charity pile..

Basically Eudokia has schemed and plotted in order to remove the alien overlords from power so that only she can rule. Barren woman on the Empty Throne. Kudos, it worked.

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