The Upside – The Remake that we didn’t ask for but that was well done

I’m guilty of going to IMDB and giving the movie “The Upside” one star before seeing it. I was just so miffed off that Hollywood, in their remake craze, have touched on an amazing movie and decided to do it again, this time with Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart, and Nicole Kidman in supporting roles.

I was pissed off because this should not have been done. But I was wrong to rate it before watching it so I decided to spend my evening at the cinema and give it a fair go.

It’s not as good as the original but it does have a lot of redeeming qualities which brings it from the dumpster. Before you go anywhere near The Upside, please watch the French original – Intouchables which, in my humble opinion, deserves a lot more than just a Golden Globe.
The Untouchables.jpg

Why I liked the remake (and the reason I modified my original rating to a 7):

  • Acting is really good and Kevin Hart, who is normally just the funny guy in any situation, pulls through as a serious actor.
  • The story is heartwarming – how a quadruplegic finds the will to live and more than that, have some fun – with the help of his living aid.
  • There were a few lough out loud moments and a few serious ones but the mix was well done – not making too light of the situation but not letting it slip into a depressive hallow like Me before you did.
  • There are loads of similarities with the original movie but there are a lot of differences to make it actual (like the use of Google to look up a person), Alexa got featured heavily in the movie, loads of iPhones and other gadgets in sight.
  • Nicole Kidman looks stunning. I’ve always liked her style, but in this movie she shines on! Well dressed and a picture of propriety.
  • https___afro.com_wp-content_uploads_2019_01_3.-Bryan-Cranston-Nicole-Kidman-Kevin-Hart-star-in-The-Upside-hi-rez-001.jpg
  • I laughed a lot at the catheter scene and when the two of them got high and ordered loads of hot dogs

I came out of the movie feeling good and well entertained and never for a minute was I sighing or inwardly rolling my eyes at stuff they’ve so obviously copied from the original. Go watch it and you won’t regret it 🙂



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