Misty – V. C. Andrews (Wildflowers 01)

There is always another bull’s-eye for Mom, who is punishing my father with my needs, whipping him with the costs of keeping me in designer jeans, straight teeth, and anything else she can buy. She pounces on a new expense and rushes to get the charges added up and sent to him ASAP, as she says. Once she sent a bill special delivery to his office even though he had days to pay it.

This is another shitty book by V.C. Andrews (or an even less talented ghost writer), this time not even nearing the 117 pages of book 3 I reviewed earlier this week. This one stops short of 107 pages and is the same soapy drama of a child neglected in the midst of a nasty divorce battle between two bitter parents.

“I know it sounds weird, but in the early days of their divorce, before my mother purged the house of everything that even suggested him, I used to curl up in the chair and put my face against it to smell the scent of him and pretend he was still there and we were still a happy little family.”

The teen is committed in the same mental institution that Jade is taken to and we get to meet the four girls a bit more closely this time. There’s a smell of money in the air as the girls discuss limousines and face lifts and big mansions. They are not your normal poor depressed girls, they have glamour depression. They talk about their parents, their divorce, their nasty comments and this chit-chat doesn’t do anything to round the characters or make you feel anything for them other than some mild disgust.

“They both seemed to look for reasons to complain. It was as if . . . a pair of magnifying glasses was suddenly put in front of their faces and they saw the little mistakes and blemishes in each other. One of Daddy’s favorite topics was Mommy’s salon bills. She also has a masseuse twice a week, facial treatments every weekend and, of course, the personal trainer. I didn’t understand the comments he muttered under his breath, but he would say things like, ‘Why are you making yourself so beautiful for me?

She feels neglected due to the divorce and her mother’s need to feel young and loved again, so she sleeps with the first guy to feed her some lines about how his parents are splitting up too and he knows what she’s feeling. She finds out later that wasn’t the case and that he only wanted to do the deed and disappear in the mist. She’s feeling sad so she goes on a drive with a friend who ends up robbing a convenience store to give her the money. She gets bailed out by her dad and goes on a trip with him (reward?)

That’s about it. Utter crap.


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