Jade – V. C. Andrews (Wildflowers 03)

“People who are always sticking their noses into other people’s business are too helpful,” she countered. “I don’t agree. I’m not sticking my nose into anyone’s business. I’m giving her the benefit of my experience and my knowledge.”

I’ve done something bad. I’ve picked up another book from V.C. Andrews, but it’s not the start or the end of a trilogy, it’s the middle. The mistake I made was thinking I could probably hop onto a moving train and still see where it’s been, who’s on it already and tell where it’s going. I was wrong. The book was a mess to a newcomer.

“Once my parents decided to do battle over custody, the beautifully carved figures on the civilized chessboard of divorce changed to tiny knives they tried to stick into each other,”

At 117 pages, I didn’t expect a masterpiece to blow me away, but I wasn’t expecting this pile of crap either. Teen going through their parent’s divorce. Yawn. Teen feels ignored by their parent and decides to run away and meet with an older boy she only talked to online. Any 13-year-old today will tell you 13 reasons why that’s a bad idea.

“I envisioned being with someone who understood my every feeling and I wanted to shut the door on my life at home, not answer a single question more, not deal with lawyers or judges, and especially not listen to one of my parents downgrade the other with the hope I would agree.

FeeT.gifOnce she finds “Craig”, she realises her mistake as he is an older man who lured a teen to his place by using a picture of himself when he was younger… Proper catfishing technique. He then proceeds to convince her to stay with him..

“He reached down slowly and first took my backpack out of my hands. He tossed it out the door. Then, he surprised me by seizing the backs of both of my feet and pulling my shoes off. He tossed them out the door, too.”

He doesn’t rape her, just undresses her and when she faints, he tucks her in and takes her clothes away. She’s chained to the wall and still she manages to escape after two days of forced imprisonment. She goes back home and her parents only ask her if she’s fine and who will take over the calendar appointments for school functions. At this point I wanted to throw away the book as it seems to have lost touch with reality. No normal parent will take a kid who’s ran away and come back with such a story and be chill about it. At least a visit to the police and doctors would do for starters! I wanted to see how it would play out.

download.jpgShe gets dragged into the custody battle again, made to face a judge to see with which parent she chooses to stay and she finds it hard to decide. She then goes home and swallows loads of pills:

“I thought if I took two pills, I’d be able to get some sleep, and then I thought, if I took three, I’d sleep right through dinner and not have to face them; if I took four, I’d sleep right through the night; if I took five, I’d sleep through breakfast.

There are literally thousands of children of varied ages who have gone through the same divorce proceedings as Jade and while it must be scary and traumatising, I don’t think any of them had the dramatic flair to commit suicide by pill-swallowing. She gets rescued on time and this time her parents are affectionate towards her once more.


“My parents turned and walked out of the room and I thought, I could almost swear, they were holding hands. Maybe it was what I hoped I saw,” I concluded sadly.

I think Jade decided to be selfish and stop any chance of her parents finding happiness somewhere else in order to stay with her and take care of a clearly mentally unstable teen. What a way to muck up people’s lives.

In the end they have her committed at this mental institution where she finds three other girls with stories similar to hers that make up the Wildflowers series.

As I rode off, the balloon rose in my imagination. Our four faces were on it and we were drifting into the wind. Drifting toward something better. Maybe.

What a pile of crap!


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