Shooting Stars 02 Ice – V. C. Andrews Book Review

Ice hides from the world behind a shield of silence. And that is what her mother hates about her. All she wants is a normal daughter who wears makeup and sexy clothes to attract boys. But Ice gets her chance to shine when she reveals her beautiful singing voice. And her extraordinary gift may become her saving grace when tragedy and deception almost destroy her dreams.

“Look at the girl. She look afraid? No. She look upset? No. Don’t you see. Mrs. Waite? She got ice in her veins. She’s as cool as can be. She never cries even when she gets slapped. She didn’t cry much when she was a baby either. That’s why her name fits her, no matter what you say about it. I gotta go.” she added after looking at her watch.

Ice is in highschool and is a very quiet person. Naturally inclined to keep silent, it might have initially been a mechanism of self-defence but then it developed into a full-blown armour. She does not talk but she can sing and so she chooses to sing.

It just seemed to me that words flew all around me as undistinguished as flies with just a few as graceful and important as birds. I didn’t talk just to hear the sound of my own voice or need to talk in order to make myself seem important. Silence was often a two-edged sword. It worked well by keeping me invisible, almost forgotten when and where I wanted to be forgotten. Sometimes merely waiting to speak, holding back, made every word I said seem like a gem. People listened to me more because I spoke less, whether they were my teachers or my friends.

The book was boring at best. Formulaic and uneventful, the story of Ice is that of a girl who goes on to sing, fall in love and then have a family member shot in a robbery accident. That’s it. The mother was the most selfish character I’ve seen yet, flat out disgusting. If I was Ice’s father, I would have divorced her long ago.

Book falls flat. 1/5,

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