WTF Did I just watch? Sense8 in the mix

I love a good show and when Neflix baited Sense8 in front of my eyes for two months, I finally gave in. With 8.4 on IMDB, I was expecting a knock-out show but instead, what I got was liberal agenda. Shoved in my face. Every freaking episode.

I was already sick of it by episode 2 but I dragged on and with every slow-paced episode, with every slow-motion video and with every soap-opera mini-plot, I grew angrier and angrier. WTF is wrong with people who like this show?

It reminds me of The X-Files, but better. It is fantasy and science fiction, but not far-fetched. Not even for a single moment. It feels alive, real and very, very exciting and suspenseful. electrobird

I think we weren’t watching the same show!

Let me tell you what it’s supposedly about: The story is supposed to be of people who can sense each other telepathically. But 50% of the episodes is filled with unnecessary side stories. You will be puzzled who is actually the sense8 and who is not.

Instead, what you get is this:

  • Lesbian sex
  • Transgender coming out and upset that his mom still calls him Manuel and does not respect his gender choices
  • Gay sex scene
  • Gay guy afraid of coming out as it would mean the end of his acting career as an action hero in Mexico
  • Sex scene with mixed couple
  • One Indian / Pakistani wedding with all the choreographic and sound-effects that go with it (Bollywood fan service activated!)
  • Nurse refusing to treat a gunshot wound on a teen as otherwise their hospital would collapse from all the other people they would have to treat with gunshot wounds…
  • Nurse telling off cop for doing a great deed and asking him whether he’s OK to be shot by the same guy when he gets better (racism!!)
  • AIDS and poor people in Africa
  • Two or three scenes from a Gay Pride parade


I think people are afraid to speak up against this shitty show otherwise they’d be branded as close-minded and bigoted. I’m neither. I’ve taken part in more than one pride and know exactly how it feels not to be accepted. But having this show shove down acceptance propaganda like it’s candy pills just makes me sick.

Plus the PLOT. The Goddamn PLOT. The villains don’t make an appearance until the last few episodes and even then I wasn’t sure who was who. If it isn’t the shallow character development, it’s redundant scenes. Every character needs to go through the same thing. If two share a psychic link, they each feel the need to wonder and marvel at their new surroundings. We go through this time and time again ad nauseam.

This title is 99% useless drama and maybe 1% story/sci-fi.

Oh, no, nobody stood up for me before!! OMG! The sappy storylines!
Oh no, my mom doesn’t respect my gender decision! She still calls me by my birthname
Being Gay in Mexico means that I won’t get any roles. Nothing to do with my abilities as an actor!

The only thing I liked was that everyone turns out to be gay, which is a more fun absurdity than the rest of the whole thing. If you want to watch 8 soap operas at the same time with nothing connecting them and with a great accent on LGBT instead of a Plot, watch Sense8. I’ve wasted so much time on it that I can’t even…


PS: There’s a dildo thrown on the floor in episode 1. It should have drawn attention at the classy show I was watching. So insightful, so delicate, so strong!

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