I hope everybody got drunk, had their share of singing and dancing and decided that the next year will be better than the last.

As for me?

I enjoyed a bit of Bailey’s, a good book and slept until the fireworks started and then slept some more afterwards.

2019 is finally here and I can see myself making mistakes when writing down the dates for at least three months.

Personal accomplishments for 2018?

  • Finished reading the massive Ayn Rand book called Atlas Shrugged
  • Finished Patrick Rothfuss’ Name of the Wind and A wise man’s fear
  • Finished the three books from The Themis Files by Silvain Neuvell
  • Had an amazing time with Red Rising trilogy by Pierce Brown
  • Completed my one book a week challenge I set to myself last Jan 1st

Even better, I finished two 55km marathons for charity and one super duper hard trail two days ago. I destroyed one pair of hiking boots, had massive blisters that took weeks to clear and I have reached and gone over my physical endurance limits many times. Usually preceded by a self-pitying cry and followed by happy moments when it was all over

Learned to appreciate fine things in life like dry clean socks and hot showers and I feel proud of myself.

You should too! What’s the best from 2018? What are you expecting in 2019?

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