Merry Christmas y’all

I hope you didn’t open your presents early like I did, did not Google “what to do with crappy presents” like I did and did post to every social media channel the goodies you got!

My friends did a runner on me this Christmas but thankfully my work buddies got me amazing gifts. How to make your cat famous on the internet, Cat Lady multiplayer game and Cat ear muffs with a lovely mug that says Paws Off.

I think I mentioned I really love cats!

This video doesn’t exist

Inappropriate cats

What I knew none of my people would get me, I got myself: switchblades, marine issued butterfly knives and one amazing military grade titanium blade. Yep, cute and deadly.

And since I’m a Star Wars fan, I found a Where’s Wally edition with wookie!


So what did Santa bring you? Yer filthy animals 😉

Socks? DVDs of movies you already have or have seen? Some grated cheese? Did your SO buy you the gift she/he always wanted? Did granny slip you a 20? Let me know in ze comments 🙂

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