Creed 2 – Or the bore of the year

So, I’m going to come out with a really, really unpopular opinion. Creed II is boring. I went to the movie and my heart rate was a solid 60bpm for most of the two hours it took for the movie to finish with two spikes on the 10 minute fights with Drago.. That’s 100 minutes of boredom. Imagine what I could have been doing in 100 minutes! Writing my Christmas cards, wrapping presents, talking to loved ones about how their day had been.

PS: I watched the first one and I didn’t think it was that great either: Ip Man 3 vs Creed

Instead, I was stuck in a cinema, listening to Michael B Jordan clumsily going from scene to scene without too much enthusiasm. And while he has an amazing body, I kept staring at the weird blob of fat under his chin.. Or maybe it was his chin? I’ve noticed it at the start of the movie and I could not stop staring at it throughout. I kept on thinking PELICAN!!


The story

Rich kid Adonis Creed is challenged for his title by a Russian who happens to be the kid of a guy who was defeated by Rocky but who defeated Adonis’s dad. While the sins of the father should not come down onto the kids, Adonis decides to fight Drago against his mother’s and Rocky’s wishes and gets beaten down. He then finds out he’s going to be a dad. Family drama throughout. Adonis goes through a bout of depression and then there’s a lovely training montage in the desert.  Adonis barely wins on his second fight with Drago and only due to the fact that Drago lost the will to fight and his dad throws in the towel. All rejoice about Adonis keeping his title.

What I hated about the movie


I really don’t like people who name their kids after Greek Gods. Adonis is the god of male beauty and desire in Ancient Greece and if your kid looks like an orc, he’s going to be ridiculed most of his life for his name. Michael B Jordan can wear this name OK but still, I took a point down.

Drago – from Dragon or Devil. Better named but still..


Adonis’ wife sings. I couldn’t remember this from the first movie so it came as a shock when I heard the ululating calls of a bird to mate 🙂 I suppose it’s R&B to the max but I just thought it was very alternative sounding. The intros of the boxers look like a Ludacris music video with the lights and the fires and the singer out-staging the boxer (who people paid to go watch)



His opponent had a better backstory than Creed. His character showed more evolution and was better developed than the leading role. To be honest, I would have preferred a movie from his point of view – underdog goes after title winner to avenge his father’s honour. Everybody can sympathise with an underdog. We’ve all been beaten down at one point and worked really hard towards a goal that looked unattainable. That’s why the Rocky movies were so successful and this is why I feel that Creed should have stopped after the first movie.


What’s there to sympathise with a man who seemingly has it all – a beautiful fiance and then wife, a cute daughter on the way, a loving mom, a huge mansion and the millions of his deceased father. I was cheering for Drago to beat the s&^t out of Creed during the fights.


The plot was really unrealistic. Yeah, I’ll fight you for the World Champion title in order to avenge my father and I really hate you, person I’ve never met before and who’s never done anything to me personally other than being born. THAT WAS CREED’s MOTIVATION.

Rocky Balboa: Don’t do this.
Adonis Creed: I ain’t got a choice.
Rocky Balboa: That’s the same thing your father said, and he died right here, in my hands.

Rocky was fighting for dignity, Creed has no actual reason to fight. When asked about it, Creed reacts just like a back alley thug, with “dey iced my pops” and when Rocky tries to put some sense into him, telling him that his fight with Drago was not worth it because he had brain damage afterwards, Creed lashes out on Rocky and goes on to get beaten by Drago’s son.

Rocky Balboa: This guy, he’s dangerous.

Adonis Johnson: I’M DANGEROUS!

Drago cheats during his first fight even though he could have won fair and square and looses the title on a technicality.

Creed’s training montage was quite cool to look at but they made it look really down and dirty to show how Creed has now learned humility. No more posh underwater boxing.

It’s a movie that tries to portray that working hard will bring results but actually portrays the opposite, pampered rich loud-mouth thug beats poor Russian fighter that carries bricks for a living, and misses a huge opportunity to delve deeper into the struggles of parents that have children with disabilities.

There was no excitement, no comedy and no true gripping conflict. Everything about this film was forced and rushed. The story itself had great promise, but they just couldn’t tell the story in a way that stirred up emotion.


Plus the dialogue was crap. Here, I said it.

Adonis Johnson: I wanna rewrite history.

Mary Anne Creed: Don’t pretend this is about your father!

This one made me gag a little

Bianca: It’s not just us anymore.
Adonis Creed: This won’t be the end of me, or you. It can’t be, because we’re a team.


I started counting seconds between lines delivered. Adonis says something. 1,2,3,4.. His wife says something. 1,2,3,4,5.. Adonis responds.

That’s why the movie time was so long.. 2h and 10 minutes

Solid don’t watch

I hope they don’t make a Creed 3…


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