Dead Harvest (Inspector Ray Wilson Thriller Book 1) by Andrew Leatham

I went through this book in about 3 solid hours. It’s slightly short of 300 pages and the plot, while not terribly engaging, has a few redeeming qualities. The story begins with an unusual mummification in Egyptian times. Thousands of years later, a truck is stopped for a routine traffic violation. The driver Romanian, the company Bulgarian, the transport – boxes of sportswear going to Leeds and also a few illegal migrants and one unusual coffin.

510upjX9VcL._SY346_Detective Inspector Ray Wilson is thrown into the most baffling case of his career. The mummy is not Egyptian, it’s Persian – the daughter of King Xerxes. One of a kind and invaluable. While they’re trying to uncover the mystery of the death of the young woman, there’s a second mystery being investigated – of how a young Turkish girl died and her heart was immediately used for a transplant miles away for the son of a German Ambassador.

It’s a nice read but not really compelling. I loved the explanation of different mummification techniques used by Egyptians and how the modern day CAT scans and X-Rays were used to determine the gender and age of the girl. I grew bored with the story afterwards and kinda hoped they spiced it up a little with a bit of supernatural actions but it wasn’t meant to be. It’s a who’s done it novel, detective all the way and it’s entertaining enough for a Saturday afternoon.


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