Caroline Kepnes’ YOU hits the TV Screens

Joe meets Beck, falls in love and goes down a social media rabbit hole to learn everything about her. He becomes so obsessed that he tracks her IRL (and they meet again). This might be a real shot at real love. But there are some things standing in the way… like her ex, Benji. 

That’s the premise of the thriller that Caroline Kepnes wrote years ago. There’s also a sequel which follows Joe after Beck 🙂

It speaks to the thing that’s all too true in life: the hero of a story might, from a different perspective, really be a villain.

TV Show Still

This is probably one of the creepiest and most entertaining books I have ever read and I’m so excited to see that not only is there now a TV show (airing from 9th of September 2018) but a second season is also in the works.

With 1h long episodes, it’s bound to be good and I hope they dwelve well into the Internet savvy ways of stalking – from the stalker’s POV. It might act like an eye opener for the people who over-share things (like who they are with and what they are doing and what they like) into becoming more attentive who gets to see that.

PS: What’s really hard – I can’t Google the show properly due to the unique way it’s been named. “YOU”. I really hope it raises in popularity so I can see more! 


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