Short Jokes about Rabbits

How do you make a rabbit stew? Keep it waiting.

How far can a rabbit run into the woods? Halfway. After that she’s running out of the woods.

How is a rabbit like a plum? They’re both purple, except for the rabbit.

Lara Rabbit: Do you think that’s Sophie’s natural color? Zara Rabbit: Only her hare dresser knows for sure.

May I buy half a rabbit? No, we don’t split hares!

Rabbit: Are you sure this bottle of special carrot juice will cure me? Doctor: Absolutely. No rabbit ever came back for another.

Rabbit: I got kicked out of my cage for not paying the rent. My wife walked out and took our twenty-nine bunnies with her. I’m all out of carrots. What should I do? Friend: Don’t worry; be hoppy!

How did the close race between the rabbit and the tortoise end? It was won by a hare!

How did the rabbit become a wrestling champion? It had a lot of hare pins!

How do rabbits get to work? By rabbit transit!

How do you know when there’s a rabbit in your bed? You can smell the carrots on his breath.

How do you know when you’re eating rabbit stew? When it has hares in it.

How do you make a rabbit fast? Don’t feed it.

A bumble bee was chasing a rabbit. Finally the bee turned around and flew away. Why? The rabbit had two b’s already.

Baby Rabbit: Mommy, where did I come from? Mother Rabbit: I’ll tell you when you’re older. Baby Rabbit: Oh, Mommy, please, tell me now. Mother Rabbit: If you must know, you were pulled from a magician’s hat.

Did you hear about the rabbit who got a job in a watch factory? Alike did was stand around making faces.

Did you hear about the egg laden rabbit who jumps off bridges? He’s the Easter Bungee!

Did you hear about the pub owner who raised a baby rabbit? It was an inn-grown hare!

Did you hear about the rich rabbit? He was a millionhare!

How can you tell which rabbits are the oldest in a group? Look for gray hares.

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