Visiting Scarborough, UK

Scarborough is a small coastal town on the North Sea in North Yorkshire in the UK. It’s a solid 4h drive from where I live and I had to do it in one of the first big downpours in two months. Talk about luck!
It’s got a population just over 61k making it about a tenth of my home town (Cluj-Napoca) but it’s one of the biggest holiday resorts on this coast.
Prices for rooms go between £24/night for a single room (that’s what I had) and £78/night for a double room near the sea.

To be honest, everything is near the sea..

The most amazing part of history is inside the 11th century Scarborough Castle which is managed by English Heritage (and it’s £7.50 to get in)
Parking is scarce but they let you leave your car in the car park for 2h for free if you come there early enough.

One thing I liked (and you can give Jackie from English Heritage a raise for this) was a tour of the castle that lasted close to half an hour, covering the Viking Invasion (if you’ve watched Vikings you might have heard of Tosti and Harald III of Norway), the building of the great tower begun by Henry II and the royal visits during the Middle Ages.
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The castle has been nearly double the size but has slowly been eroded and part of the walls and towers have fallen into the sea. It was suggested that the name Scarborough derives from Old Norse and came from a Viking name meaning Hare Lip.

The idea has been questioned as it could also mean in Anglo-Saxon “hill with fort”. Better than “hare lip”? Either way it was definitely used as a Roman station by the year 1000. Can you believe the Romans travelled this far?


Other things to visit in Scarborough: The Sea Life Centre (which is about half as big as the one from Birmingham so it wasn’t that exciting to me), the amazing Japanese-style gardens and lake and the two beaches on each side of the castle. Oh, and if you like trains, there is a miniature railway running through the park to the Sea Life Centre.

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