A Prayer – Edgar Guest Poetry

Lord, make me strong enough to bear
My little round of anxious care.
The day returns. For this I pray:
Sufficient wisdom for the day.
Although I may not walk with kings,
Let me be big in little things.

Grace me with modesty and teach
Me kindliness of thought and speech;
Let me not hasty be to chide
The children walking at my side,
And spoil with imperfections slight
The record which the day shall write.

Lord, make me big enough, I pray,
To triumph in a lesser way.
When petty disappointments rise,
Let me be patient, gently, wise.
Missing the joy which greatness brings,
Let me not fail in little things.

Lord, I would work and neighbor here,
Too big to hate, too wise to sneer.
I would be helpful, cheerful, kind,
Gentle of speech and broad of mind.
And though not far my circle swings,
Let me be great in little things.

Edgar A. Guest
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