Skyscraper or the story of the awesome dad with the duct tape

Went to see The Incredibles 2 last night followed shortly by Skyscraper! The Incredibles 2 were soooo good. Even though some parents decided to bring their newborns to see the movie and they screamed so much you didn’t know whether it was Jack-Jack or local. And there was an annoying kid who talked behind me all the freaking time. “Mom, mom, is that Mr. Incredible? What’s he doing now? What’s he wearing? Where did his car go?”. His mom went “WHISPER!” like three times, took the kid out to give him a talk and when she brought him back in he was silent for about 5 minutes and then he started again with the questions. Urgh. I wish people didn’t take their kids at a 7PM showing when they have all morning Saturday and Sunday!

Skyscraper amazed me in three moments:

  • They used a guy with a disability as the main action hero. I know it’s The Rock but still, seeing the stuff he’s done with that prosthetic leg made me appreciate both the concept and the acting a lot more.
  • The Rock. While he’s usually a lovely action hero to watch, in this movie he gave more than 100%. His acting was really good and he shone bright, sometimes brighter than his co-stars who are now set to dwindle in mediocre baddy roles for ever and ever. He came through with real feeling, didn’t crack one single joke throughout and I was drawn in by the seriousness he approached the role with. I can’t wait to see him in his next project.


  • The aerial shots and the interior design of the building were amazing. I hope it gets featured in “Architecture Today” or some silly magazine that people read. The interior waterfall and green park, the double-helix power generator that reminds me so much of the DNA structure, the massive marble interiors and tall rooms, even the large MING vases used to balance out the rooms. Whoever has drawn the concept art for that deserves a raise.


What I thought was funny!

The use of duct tape. From holding a bandage together to being used as suction cups on hands and feet to go on the outside of the building. He even used it to tie up his prisoner’s hands when he went in the Pearl the last time. Kudos for using every-day items!


What I thought was completely crap and why I think they should hire an accuracy person /sanity checker for every movie


So, the entire plot of the story is based on a tablet that The Rock is given as a security analyst that holds admin level privileges to every function of the building. WHO THE HELL GRANTS A THIRD PARTY full privileges to a 6 billion dollar building?? I nearly chocked with my popcorn when I saw it. It’s not just common sense not to do it but opening up your company to a can of worms. You would definitely have multiple layers of access and a third party would probably have read-only view (if that).

The fact that the hackers were able to gain “root” access through The Rock’s tablet was pretty far fetched too. The fact that there were no secondary password requirements for major functions like “Turn off fire protection” was a bit dupey, but hey, they needed a plot.

Also – the tablet was unlocked by The Rock’s facial print. They manage to unlock it when they steal it and then they give it, half an hour later, to the hacker so he can play with it. The tablet that the hacker receives is closed. Meaning that it’s definitely locked again and can only be unlocked with The Rock’s facial features. Still, he goes on and uses it as if it’s unlocked and then gives it back to the black-haired super-sexy-terrorist with the facial recognition turned off. I was frowning at this point and chewing my popcorn really really slowly.

Imagine how different this movie would have been had they said:

“Uh! The tablet is locked… You can throw it in the bin!” Or even better: “This person does not held sufficient privileges to access the root functions of the building’s system.”


But anyways, passing through.. The building is now burning and The Rock has just made that impossible jump to the other side. He’s in the building and he’s scanning for his family.. What he does, he goes to a panel, he types in “ADMIN” and a pin number and bingo – he sees where his family are. Rewind here.  He had access. From a normal terminal in the building. He had ADMIN access from a random spot in the building. WHY THE HELL DID HE HAVE ACCESS FROM ANY RANDOM POINT IN THE BUILDING?? And why didn’t he use his ADMIN access to turn on the sprinklers??

On the top level, the boss finds out he is locked out of the system and can’t log in because somebody hacked the mainframe. UMM, you don’t have a master reboot method? You don’t have a way to pull the plug on a system that has been compromised? Dude – that’s a massive security hole! A disgruntled former employee in the future can do the exact same thing…

And how come the boss has been locked out but The Rock can still log in? First thing a hacker does is change the current access passwords so that he can work undisturbed.

eh, I ain’t gonna teach them how to suck eggs but I thought it was pretty poor planning on whoever wrote this terrible script.


And now, last thing that I hated was how scripted and predictable the entire dialogue was:

Will Sawyer: Sarah, listen to me. The fire is not going to stop. Keep going up. Don’t stop. Don’t look back.
Sarah Sawyer: Okay.

I could have told you at the start of the movie, without having seen the trailers or any synopsis that the main retired cop/marine/special ops guy that promises never to touch a gun in his life will have to pick up a gun in this movie to save his family. One kid will be sicker than the other (it happens in every action movie I’ve seen and it really annoys the hell out of me) and at one point they will be reunited only to be separated again by some terrible disaster. The main hero will sacrifice all for the people he loves and the baddies will die and all will be well in the end. Cliches everywhere…

Sarah Sawyer: How did you get in the building?
Will Sawyer: Jumped off a super crane.
Sarah Sawyer: What?!


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