Doctor Foster or the story of the Psycho Ex

So I’ve binge-watched all of season 1 and all of season 2 of the BBC drama called “Doctor Foster”. While at first I was enthralled about the story of a wive’s discovery of her husband’s affair with a younger woman, I soon started to feel for the poor guy.

The first season ends with him leaving her to live with his younger girlfriend who is now pregnant, poor and forced to move out of the town due to the gossips surrounding the affair. In the second season, two years have passed since the divorce and Dr. Foster is now living with her teenage son alone in town when they get a wedding invitation. The ex is now back in town, in a huge mansion and with a wife and toddler now. He’s back. And while I was excited to see what was going to happen, I was disappointed to see that this smart woman who engineered a cover blow-up in the first season has turned into a drunken mess. 

I was like “Noooo, you shouldn’t go there! Nooo, don’t tresspass! No… you dumb bitch.”

She turned into your generic stalker ex. She went to see where her ex husband now lives, she entered the house, she invited herself to their wedding and instead of letting bygones be bygones and be a decent human being – she started having a case of the Green Eyes of Envy. Why should he have a bigger house, a lovely marriage, a cute daughter – when she herself is so bitter? Nobody but herself made her bitter…

She starts sulking about their house in the middle of the night and then running in a club, trying to get laid with strangers. Then she throws her body around like it’s nothing – seducing a poor teacher who never knew what hit him. And then willfully seducing her ex husband, knowing full well that he’s married. All to prove a point that “once a cheater, always a cheater”.

OK, I don’t agree that her husband cheated on her for two years – he should have broken it off with his wife when things got serious – but he was doing it out of genuine attraction and love. What Mrs. Foster did was out of pure spite and she was set in destroying another man’s life.

I started hating her. I don’t know whether it was the producer’s intent – to show how vile of a woman can be – or maybe there are women out there who sympathise with these types of attacks and think they’re justified in playing the eternal victim. Both her son and her ex husband ask her repeatedly – “Why haven’t you moved on?”

And it’s a fair point. Did the hate run so deep that she didn’t know what to do with her life without a husband to torment? Damn, woman, you scary.


I started thinking as I was watching the show – how she desperately tries to get help from other people during her quest to destroy her ex that she fails to be attentive to other people’s lives. She does not console her neighbour when her husband cheated once too many times, she does not spend time with the future bride at her work place and one of her oldest friends. She does not stay at the wedding reception even though she was a maid of honour. All to chase up the young woman who her husband married in order to tell her what scum she chose. That’s what I call a toxic personality. Poisoning everything around her. Like a weasel in a hen coop, killing all the hen by sucking their blood. Small and slithering, able to get into any hole.

If this is what happens to a woman after a bitter divorce, I don’t want to ever get married! And I felt bad for the poor teenager in the middle of this. Besides having to deal with hormones and finding his spot in life, he is also used as a pawn between two bickering parents.

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