Stephen King – Redstone (Crossroads Book 4)

This is quite an interesting find. I had no idea Stephen King wrote 5 books in the Crossroads series and I picked up this book in hope of getting a taster.
There are three short stories in the book, some quite thrilling, some plain boring. But I hope the latter is only due to the fact that I haven’t read the full series.

Best part of the book:
A section of the words..

The words were no great respecters of people. They ignore social standing, gender, health or money. No one knew who would get afflicted, or why. They would arrive in the middle of business meetings and amongst strangers. They would trip off the tongues of loved-ones halfway through dinner, splashing into the soup before they flew for the nearest window. They emerged in prisons, public parks, hospitals, between lovers curled up in their hideaways and amidst enemies sworn to fight. The process never hurt, there would just be the need to cough and suddenly, from nowhere out would fall this bundle of papery wings and color. I was only a kid when the words first arrived. At first, they were called miracles. Even in these cold times people took to the streets, formed cults. Society was never the same again. Whole branches of linguistic theory opened up, Etymologists tried to capture the errant vocabularies with nets, before cataloguing and storing them in Kilner jars.

Worst parts:

The stories… One of them is with a family that starts killing after jumping in a pool where the water was contaminated. They operate by insulting the person they are thinking about killing and then slashing their throats. They don’t die and come back alive to insult some more…

“You rich pig. Think you’re better than me. And you’re useless whore wife. You know I’ve spat in every meal she’s ever had me make?” He said,with the same dead, hateful tone, and black eyes as Sienna. Sebastian thought he must be asleep, or losing his mind. What if this was all in his head? What if he had gone psychotic and done all this himself?

What I really thought when reading the books is that this writing does not seem like Stephen King at all. Did you know that bestselling authors like Sydney Sheldon and Sandra Brown and even V.C. Andrews hired ghost writers to produce work that will be then sold under the author’s name? I suspect this is the case. Some child wrote the 78 pages and hoped it will be good enough to pass as Stephen King.

All in all, a waste of your money.

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