A very quiet place and why I think it’s the best movie of the year so far

Excluding Black Panther of course.

I love a good monster movie. I loved Cloverfield even though it made me slightly nauseous watching the movie shudder and shake from the hand-held camera viewpoint. I loved The Edge of Tomorrow featuring the Mimics and Emily Blunt again showing her best bod. And I love a movie that features aliens but does not focus solely on them but more on the effect they have on people. In this case a closely knit family unit which has suffered a loss in the first few days of the invasion.


And I had no idea that lack of dialogue would have such an impact. That quiet whispers can carry a plot. That so many things out of our environment make a noise.

What shines through from the movie are the main actor’s performances. Even the children shine with their fears and their insecurities and their desire to be normal in a world that is anything but. I loved Emily Blunt’s performance as Evelyn, pregnant with the next child, worried about the other two who were still alive.

Who are we if we can’t protect them? we have to protect them.

The tension keeps climbing through the movie and it all seems to explode with one single scream which attracts the beasts closer. And one nail. I had to cringe when that nail went through the sole of her naked foot and I kept on sitting at the edge of my seat through each of the fear-filled minutes that followed. Will she be discovered? Will they eat her and her new-born child? Will they drown? Will they be hurt?

I started crying towards the end when (gorgeous looking) Lee Abbott started signalling to his daughter that he loves her and that he’d always loved her as he makes the ultimate sacrifice a parent can make.

The movie does have a few jump-scares but nothing on the lines of Anabelle or Insidious. It was creative, it was innovative and it had a deaf child! The sound effects are Amazing with a capital A. You must watch this!


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