Delia’s Crossing – V.C. Andrews (Book 1)

This should be called “Mexican Cinderella Goes to America“. It is such a soapy story that I had to skip some of the pages that were just plain complaining and nauseatingly bad written prose. I believe that this is one of the books that was written post V.C. Andrews’ passing on and were commissioned by the foundation that managed her assets in order to bring more sales. A 15-year old could have written it better..

The story is not original and has been done ad-nauseam before. Poor girl from a poor family is taken in by a cruel step-mother and an even nastier step-sister (in this case, aunt and cousin respectively) and she has trouble fitting in while being treated as a house servant and being taken advantage of by a hired teacher and also by her cousin’s boyfriend. And also by her aunt. And also by her cousin. You can see a repeated pattern here. Take a poor soul with no defenses and make everything possible to put her into situations with no escape. At the same time, sing praises to no end about her qualities as a human being. Pepper the text with Mexican sayings and you have yourself a novel.

If I had purchased this book, I would have thrown it into the burn pile immediately after the romanticized rape where prince charming uses his “charm” to tell her that if she does not do what he wants he will tell her aunt that she seduced him… Aww, poor thing, how can she have her aunt mad at her? This Delia person was not assertive enough to be of any interest to me, just a passive victim where everything happened to her and everyone else was mean beyond reason.

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The story

The story is typical of a V.C. Andrews novel with a young teenage girl living in a somewhat dysfunctional family situation.

Delia’s crossing tells the story of Delia and her crossing from a small town in Mexiceo into the rich and glamorous life of her Aunt and cousins in Palm Springs. The heroine, who comes to Palm Springs looking for a new beginning, instead faces a life of hardship, mistreatment, and hurt that will challenge her belief in herself. As only a herione in a story based on Andrews’ ideas could do, Delia risks everything she knows for a chance at happiness and to find a home.
In the end I just didn’t find this story believable as it just seemed to contradict itself in several places throughout. You have the normal teenage torment with horrible happenings to the character that you would expect but it just doesn’t all mesh well together in this one in my opinion.

Going along with ethnic background here…don’t Mexican men sometimes smooch on the cheek sometimes, seem more affection in friendship than men in America? Delia seemed so shocked by the kiss-on-the-cheek one male gives to another in this book, and I feel like if she were a real Mexican girl, she wouldn’t have had such an extreme inner reaction.


0.5/5 stars.

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