Evernight (Book 1) Claudia Grey

Vampire-Academy-poster-vampire-academy-15999884-1000-1200If you are looking for a vampire romance in the same class as Twilight or Vampire Diaries, you have come to the wrong place. Claudia Grey’s book is a lukewarm romance with a predictable twist and a lot of padding. The first half of the novels centers about a young girl entering an elite academy due to her parents being teachers there. She decides to run away on her first night there but she encounters a teenage boy who convinces her to turn around and give the school a go.

It didn’t phase me so much as a Hogwards re-try more like a Vampire Academy prequel. She falls in love with the first guy who showed attention to her and does not understand why he won’t acknowledge her during school hours. She then finds out that he is an outcast and getting into fights often did not want that dark light to shine upon her. Oh, so Gallant. I was nearly yawning at this point…

Then they have a ball (predictable) and they go with different people only to end up together. He confesses that he was afraid for her and that there is something wrong with the Academy and its inhabitants. They proceed to kisses and tada! Spoiler alert: she is the vampire! and she bites him!
giphy.gifNot enough to turn him into a vampire or kill him (now that would have made a book I would have loved to read!) but instead erases all memory.
The headmistress, Bethany, helps clear out the mess and she warns the snacking vampire that if this gets out, the other humans at the Academy will be in danger. I could totally see it coming and the second part too.
He avoids her after she comes out as a vampire and then all of a sudden, after the school holidays are over, he wants to be together with her again to find out more about her history (first born vampire), about ways to kill vampires (very strong hint here) and about what he can do.
vampire-academy-zoey-deutch.jpgSecond reveal comes later in the book when he is found out to be a member of a Vampire Hunting association (if it was that important, why did no-one fill our poor girl on it?) and all of a sudden he is a danger to their society and has to be killed.
She joins the hunting force trying to find him and in the end, once she finds him in the nearby town, she decides to elope with him.
(At what point would you put this book down and look for another?)

They escape to the city, pawn her first gift to get a motel room and sleep in the same bed together and decide not to have sex as it might be dangerous if one of them got bit during the excitement. Morning comes, his mother appears at the door (gasp!, she’s a Hunter too!) and our girl is introduced to the Vampire Hunters club with only one reference to get in.
Her parents show up to take her home, burn down the Vampire Hunters nest and she willingly leaves with them to avoid any casualties.
I wished they killed some people. Real drama and intrigue comes from a debt of blood.

They stay separated and the book ends with the girl still pining for him and him free in the world. Definitely not bad enough for the burn pile but still it’s not good enough to keep next to “One flew over a cuckoos nest“. Totally forgettable book (and I can tell you why – it’s been a day and I can’t remember any of their names)


Here are some literary quotes from the book:

” I need you to protect me from being lonely. Don’t fight for me. Be with me.That’s what I need.”

“Even if that were true, it wouldn’t be irony,” Lucas pointed out. “Irony is the contrast between what’s said and what happens.”

“You’re impossible,” he murmured. “But you’re worth it.”

“People get stupid when they’re in love; people want what they can’t have; and the years between ages twelve and eighteen always, always suck.”

“Lucas should’ve run out of there that instant. Instead he stared at me through the glass and slowly unfolded his hand opposite mine so that our hands were pressed against the pane of glass, fingers to fingers, palm to palm. We each move closer, so that our faces were only inches apart. Even with the stained glass, window between us, it felt as intimate as any kiss we’d shared.”

“Do you question my authority? I am the headmistress of Evernight!” It was Balthazar who answered her by casually slinging his crossbow back upon his shoulder so that it just happened to be aimed straight at Mrs. Bethany. He wasn’t threatening her, exactly, but it was very clear that he wasn’t going to back down. As she jerked upright in shock, Balthazar drawled, “School’s out.”

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