The Colorado Kid * Stephen King Short Story

GW226H176.jpgThe premise of the story is quite simple. One mysterious dead body, a set of newspapermen trying to find clues as to who’s done it and more importantly, how it was done. It’s a tale about mystery and the way to explain it and was adapted into a TV show called “Haven” (which by my humble opinion was a lot better)

A mystery with no resolution plain and simply pisses people off. People want a happy conclusion to a problem–whether it be why 9/11 happened, why oil prices are so high, why a young woman in Wisconsin was murdered, or how a man from Colorado went to work one morning and ended up dead on a little island off the coast of Maine only hours later.

“Curiosity killed the cat, you know, but satisfaction brought him back snap-ass happy.”

The book is readable but definitely not a book you will remember years after years. It’s too short and it feels like it has no beginning and no definite end.

“Well then, I’m going to tell you a secret almost every newspaper man and woman who’s been at it awhile knows: in real life, the number of actual stories – those with beginnings, middles, and ends – are slim and none. But if you can give your readers just one unknown thing (two at the very outside) and then kick in what Dave Bowie there calls a musta-been, your reader will tell himself a story.”


The story was boring, the characters and the crime were dull and kept me yawning for the most part of the book, the only redeeming factor of this book was the last paragraph that sum up the idea of the whole story and it was beautifully written.
The message of this book is more important than the crime actually but instead of blowing my mind it bored me to death, still it’s a Stephen King book and I’ll had to read it at some point.


THE COLORADO KID is, quite simply, a character study of not knowing. We can get the facts, we can extrapolate what we believe happened based on those facts, but in the end, it’s all a mystery.


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