Running Girl (The Garvie Smith Mysteries #1) by Simon Mason

I liked this book! Not my normal cup of tea but still a great read for a rainy evening. This is the story of “How to catch a predator” gone wild. Garvie is a genius and when his ex-girlfriend is found murdered and dumped in a nearby lake, he joins in the man hunt and offers his brain to the police in order to catch who did it.

The novel is quite good, all the way through – it even offers up another suspect until the end with a massive reveal that will leave you reeling.

The clues are there for you to piece together and you might be able to realize who the culprit is before the rest, but you also might not.

The first half of the story is really light-hearted and then it turns very dark soon as everyone seems to be involved. The girl was bullied at school, she had older, more mature men after her, she used to go clubbing and crash celebrity parties in order to make it as an actress. She wasn’t liked by many (as most people keep repeating).

The people looking for her are lead by detective Singh from the London met police and unfortunately he seems like a mediocre detective – allowing our hero to shine through like a young Sherlock Holmes.

The dark side of the novel deals with pedophiles, murder, rape and the whole lot together. Described quite vividly in some parts or through re-enactment in Garvie’s brain.

All in all, Running Girl is a very solid teen detective novel with a strong protagonist who grows in the end. I believe it deserves more praise than it’s received

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