I believe in DOG – From Stephen King’s Eye of the Dragon

“Can you read this word, Peter?’
…’It says GOD.’
‘Yes, that’s right. Now write it backward and see what you find.’
…’DOG! Mamma! It says DOG!’
‘Yes. It says dog.’ The sadness in her voice quenched Peter’s excitement at once. His mother pointed from GOD to DOG. ‘These are the two natures of man,’ she said. ‘Never forget them… Our preachers say that our natures are partly of God and partly of Old Man Splitfoot… But there are few devils outside of made-up stories, Pete — most bad people are more like dogs than devils. Dogs are friendly and stupid, and that’s the way most men and women are when they are drunk. When dogs are excited and confused, they may bite; when men are excited and confused, they may fight. Dogs are great pets because they are loyal, but if a pet is all a man is, he is a bad man, I think. Dogs can be brave, but they may also be cowards that will howl in the dark or run away with their tails between their legs. A dog is just as eager to lick the hand of a bad master as he is to lick the hand of a good one, because dogs don’t know the difference between good and bad.”
― Stephen King, The Eyes of the Dragon

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