If there be thorns * Book 3 * V.C. Andrews Book Review

After reading book 1, Flowers in the Attic and Petals in the wind, I decided to continue reading the story of the Dollanger kids.

It seems the people found this lemony drama so compelling they made a third movie about it. This is another book about incest and rape so if you feel like you can stomach it, go for it. Again, my rating is 0.1/5.

This book was so… WTF. Like, literally. What. The. Actual. Fuck. Nothing made sense, people behaved irrationally and were inconsistent as hell, honestly, everyone should have been admitted into an insane asylum, except maybe Chris and Jory, but everyone else was just fucking insane.

I’m so confused. I started reading this book and found the writing style to be different. Even though it was written by Andrews, I felt like I was reading something by her ghostwriter. I hated this one as well.

This is the only V.C. Andrews book written from a boy’s point of view. As in Petals on the Wind, I was not fond of Cathy. She seems completely ignorant of Bart’s life…she doesn’t try hard enough to reach out to him. Also mad because she impregnated herself with two different men’s children without trying to be more protective.

“You snatch from life what you can while you are young, for if you wait for better times to come tomorrow, you wait in vain.”

A good mother should always think ahead, and if Cathy had thought ahead she’d see that it’d create a lot of drama when the boys found out they had two different fathers, etc.

“The love they had for each other seemed to me very different from the love I saw between the parents of the few friends I had. Their love seemed more intense, more tumultuous, more passionate. Whenever they thought no one was watching they locked eyes, and they had to reach out and touch whenever they passed one another.”

madame-m-if-there-be-thornsStill, though, the book made me feel strongly. I was angered and nervous the whole time as Bart was being set up for all the horrible things that occurred. Andrews’s books are always horrifying and tragic, but this one goes a step farther by shoving a pitchfork through a poor puppy’s belly. I can’t stand animal cruelty and this made me sick. Also, I was a little grossed out by this book, especially when Bart reaches for a handful of the dog’s poop and smushes it in his hands because it makes him feel close to his dog. Ew.

“Seek the tarnish and you shall find”

movie-if-there-be-thorns-thumb2.pngJory is perfect. So perfect, I bet he could rival’s Alex Cross’ children in the next stepford children pageant. But Bart.. Bart is a stark raving mad lunatic who somehow manages to escape being locked up despite the fact he is clearly a psychopath.

Clearly the author didn’t know the difference between a two year old and a ten year old, because for someone reason Cindy can speak just as well as Bart can. And the hates… oh the hates. “Hate raisins on cereal.” “Hate boring old graves.” “Hate old grandmothers who wear all black.” Honestly, I’m surprised Cathy didn’t snap, kill Bart and hide the body in the attic. At least then the story would have been more interesting.

If-There-Be-Thorns-Lifetime-03In this book, people might feel compelled to have sympathy for Corrinne. She has a change of heart and tries to be a motherly figure finally, but a little too late. I do feel sorry for her, but that doesn’t excuse how weak and awful she was in the first book. Nothing can excuse trying to kill your own children, NOTHING. This always made me frustrated with Chris because he always forgave her, but guys are always predisposed to be that way with their mothers.

Half the time, you don’t know which child’s mind you are in for a few sentences. In several of Jory’s chapters, there are clear references to events that didn’t make sense. For example, apparently after avoiding the house next door like the plague the entire book, he mentions a conversation with the butler about girls? When the hell did that happen? In the two seconds between them discovering John was behind Cathy’s disappearance and the house going up in flames?

Anyway, I won’t be reading this book again.

There is one thing that will always haunt me from it, though. At the beginning of the book, Cathy puts beds in the attic…what do you need beds for, Cathy? And when she realizes she was doing it “just in case”, it sends a shiver down the reader’s spine. It makes you wonder if Cathy will be like her mother in yet another way..

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