What a Boy Needs (book 2) by Nyrae Dawn

So, I picked this up in the Library 25p sale and I had my first bout of doubt when I realized it was a woman talking about what a man needs. So it’s a story about a woman thinking she knows what men want. Not a man doing it.

The story starts simple enough: a crush, a troubled family background, a vile parent (the dad in this case), a secret and a trip to New York.

The issue with the book is that it is trying but not quite making it – all the characters are paper-thin and the dialogue feels like it’s written by a 4-year-old…

The narrator – Jaden – is like an emo kid, trying out studded rings for his eyebrows, seeing how his hair looks like when it’s not dyed blond, feeling inadequate among his rich friends and plagued by a mother who incessantly repeats she does not know who she is without a man.

Umm… WOMAN! Really? If a guy is mistreating you and calling you a whore and your son a bastard – it’s time to boot him not sweetly invite him to watch a movie with you.

Anyways, I didn’t care enough for the characters to be in any shape or form annoyed by their dumb behaviour.

Then there’s Priscilla, a strong, independent and smart latina girl. I would say they chose their market well as this book was a top hit seller for young latina girls.

Todo lo que quiero ahora mismo es hacer lo mejor. Cuidar de ella. Eso es lo que haces ¿verdad? Cuando alguien es importante para ti, tu cuidas de ellos. Tratas de tirar el dolor lejos, tirarlo hacia ti si puedes, porque es más fácil pelear con sus demonios que correr el riesgo de que ella quede con alguna cicatriz. Me gustaría pelear con todos si pudiera.

All I want right now is to do the best. Take care of her. That’s what you do, right? When someone is important to you, you take care of them. You try to throw the pain away, throw it at you if you can, because it is easier to fight with your demons than to run the risk of her having a scar. I would like to fight with everyone if I could.

Jaden and Priscilla are perfect for each other. She is the girl who is capable of propping him up when his angst and wallowing in pity seem to drive him towards the ground. For every moan that Jaden makes, Priscilla is there to help him out and tell him he is great..  It’s nauseating. He’s got a serious case of broken record syndrome. Not to mention this boy is one damn coward. He cannot say what’s on his mind and when he wants to say something, he just stops and hold back. It’s annoying!

The MOST interesting and descent part were the LAST few chapters that I almost was unable to get to because I was so tired of reading THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER. But I have never left a book unfinished no matter how much I didn’t like it. Jaden finds out he is good at electronics and that his biological dad was a famous architect. Yey for Jaden.


Note: This book is for the burn pile next year.



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