Dean Koontz * The Mask Book review

Where had Jane come from? Was she just an orphan in need of love? Or was she hiding a more sinister purpose?

“Evil is no faceless stranger, living in a distant neighborhood. Evil has a wholesome, hometown face, with merry eyes and an open smile. Evil walks among us, wearing a mask which looks like all our faces.”

Such a pretty face So young, so sweet. She appeared out of nowhere, in the middle of traffic, on a busy day. A teenager with no past, no family no memories. Such a lovely child So blond and beautiful. Carol and Paul were drawn to her she was the child they d never had. A dream come true. And then Carol s nightmares began the ghastly sounds in the night the bloody face in the mirror the razor-sharp ax. Such relentless evil So deceptively innocent. Most mothers would die for such a darling little angel. And that’s what frightened Carol most of all .”

The thing we want the most is always the thing we cannot have

I remember reading this when I was a teenager, but can’t remember any details about it. Which was a good thing as it meant it was a total surprise.

This book was published in 1981, so it is a little dated but still stands up as a very creepy story. As with a lot of Dean Koontz books, there is a bit too much telling for my tastes but The Mask redeems itself by being fairly short. This was a quick easy read and I was finished after a few hours.


The suspense was killer because you didn’t know who this mysterious girl was and what she had to do with the Victorian girl from the beginning of the book. Meanwhile said mystery girl would become almost possessed under hypnosis, poltergeists were running rampant in the main couple’s house, and a house cat was going beserk and trying to kill an old lady. However,the ending was really anticlimactic.


Maybe not the most imaginative plot but I liked it none the less. This was Koontz doing what he does best, horror writing. And I loved the inclusion of the evil cat. I did enjoy the supernatural element, but The Mask did have a few flaws: First, Koontz never really explains the supernatural element that was tipping off the main characters; were the spirits good or bad? Finally, the book ended too abruptly.

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