Stormbringer – Isolde’s confession

Slowly Isolde rose to her feet and stepped down from the choir stalls to face the crowded church. “I am no stormbringer”, she said, speaking simply and loudly so that her words echoed off the stone walls.

I am no witch. I am a woman of good repute and good behaviour. I am a woman who does not obey a father since my father is dead, nor do I obey a husband, since I have no fortune and no man will take me without a dowry.

I don’t obey my brother, since he is false and faithless. So you see me as I am, a woman without a man to represent her, a woman alone in the world.

But none of this –none of this makes me a bad woman. It makes me an unlucky one. I am a woman who would not knowingly do a wicked act.

I cannot prove this to you, you have to trust me, as you trust your mothers and your wives and your sisters.

I have to call on you to think of me with generosity, as a good woman of high repute, raised to be a lady in a castle.

Stormbringer – Philippa Gregory

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