Suffer the Little Children * Stephen King

This story is probably intimately linked to Children of The Corn as it portrays a third grade school teacher (much like the one in Dolan’s Cadillac) noticing from the corner of her eye how the children in her classroom are slowly changing.

Miss Sidley frowned after them, reflecting that children had been different in her day. Not more polite – children have never had time for that – and not exactly more respectful of their elders; it was a kind of hypocrisy that had never been there before. A smiling quietness around adults that had never been
there before. A kind of quiet contempt that was upsetting and unnerving. As if they were …
Hiding behind masks? Is that it?


Miss Sidley is disturbed when one of her students tells her that, “Tomorrow a bad thing will happen.” When she probes further into the matter, she discovers that aliens are slowly taking over the bodies of her students. Is her attempt to save them an amazing act of courage, or a fatal trick of the mind?

‘Tomorrow a bad thing will happen,’ Robert said. The words were perfectly innocuous, but Miss Sidley, with the seventh sense that all strict disciplinarians have, didn’t like them a bit. ‘Too-mor-row,’ Robert finished. His hands were folded neatly on the desk, and he wrinkled his nose again. He also smiled a tiny side-of-the-mouth smile. Miss Sidley was suddenly, unaccountably sure Robert knew about her little trick with the glasses.

What was it I saw when he changed? Something bulbous. Something that shimmered. Something that stared at me, yes, stared and grinned and wasn’t a child at all. It was old and it was evil and …

The voices changed, no longer girlish, now sexless and soulless, and quite, quite evil. A slow, turgid sound of mindless humor that flowed around the corner to her like sewage.

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