Jodi Picoult * Where there is smoke

How frustrating this short story was. I finished it in about half an hour and I just wanted more! The story builds up nicely and has an interesting plot line but at the end you just wish you had either your half hour back or the rest of the book to finish. It should be called a teaser novel!

Now to see what it’s about!

From as young as four years old, Serenity Jones could see people that no one else could see.

“It’s true that when it’s time to go, someone will be waiting for you. It might be a relative or a loved one, but not always. It could be a dog, hanging out with a tennis ball and ready to play again. Sometimes, when children die, they don’t know any of their relatives who are on the other side, so they’ll have an angel or even maybe a cartoon character or Santa Claus waiting to pull them across that bridge. It’s just a manifestation of energy saying, “Come on, baby, it’s okay.”

Of course Serenity’s mother never believed her the day she told her that she could see a little boy in their house. Her mother told Serenity that the boy wasn’t real, but to Serenity he was.

Having lived with her gift most of her life, Serenity now has her own very successful television show where she has the ability and the gift to communicate with the dead. It is here that she is able to help people get messages to their loved ones that are no longer here.

“The same things that trip you up as a human will tie you in knots as a spirit, if you don’t let go and let God. Speaking of God, He’s real and He’s there, too. And don’t ask what He looks like because you wouldn’t understand even if I told you. There’s just some things none of us are supposed to know, until it’s our time.”

Serenity is approached by a war widow, Betsey Rycroft who’s husband died in Iraq and she want’s to get in touch with him. At first things start out as they normally do, where Serenity has her two spirit guides, Lucinda and Desmond by her side, but it’s what happens next that is unexpected.

A very enjoyable short story that leaves you wanting more. Where There’s Smoke is a prequel to Jodi Picoult’s next novel, Leaving Time.

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