Beauty’s Punishment * Anne Rice

The claiming of the sleeping beauty was the first book of this sex-filled trilogy and I must say, when it comes to BDSM and really explicit sex scenes, Anne Rice is way better than E.L. James with her 50 Shades of Wayyy no.

Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty as we know her

Writing under a pseudonym (A. N. Roquelaure), Anne Rice went through and made a whole new story starting from the fairy tale of the Sleeping Beauty. In her version though, she gets awoken by a prince only to be taken to his kingdom as a sex slave and receive sex training in the Pleasure Rooms in the palace. Here she falls in love with another sex slave of the queen called Alexei and with a disobedient one called Tristan. She made a mistake and she had to be punished alongside Tristan and send to perform humiliating tasks in the nearby village as the lowest of the lowest of sex slaves.
Tristan becomes a “pony” for the court chronicler’s carriage, having to trot around bound and gagged and with a horse’s tail coming out of his bottom.

Was it worse than trotting with anxious breaths, my head and my hips pulled inexoraby forward, my sore flesh reanimated by the long, loud snapping behind me? I couldn’t really see my Master. But with every lick, I saw him as he had been last night, and the ease with which he tormented me again astonished me. I had never dreamed it would stop because of our embraces. But for it to be intensified like this… I felt suddenly some awesome sense of the depth of submission he wanted from me.

And Beauty becomes a maid in an inn where she is paddled for fun by the mistress and used by the King’s Guard as entertainment.

Mistress Lockley lifted a white leather belt and showed it to Beauty, like a tongue extending from her hand. And gathering Beauty’s left breast from the top in her left fingers, she bunched the flesh and plumped it as Beauty felt the warmth suffusing her bosom. Beauty couldn’t keep quiet. And the moisture between her legs trickled down into the crack of her buttocks. Her spread-eagle body strained in vain to close itself.

“My little girl at the Sign of the Lion, Beauty, is the same,” the Captain said. “A naked ravenous soul that foments the passion in me dangerously.”

So, first off, let me remind you that this is a work of fantasy and pure smut – so the background story is not much to look at. But the sex scenes are quite explicit and powerful enough to get even the prudiest of the prudes squirming in delight.

What I liked, was the gay seduction. If you are not a fan of gay fan-fiction or any type of LGBT encounters, do not read this book. If you are, read on:

My own cock swelled against the sheet. I inched down in the bed and moved gently on top of his legs, crouching over him, and I pressed my cock against his legs as I licked at the little pink mouth and stabbed my tongue into it.

Softly I heard him say, “You may take me if you like.”

I felt the same paralyzing astonishment I’d felt when he told me to get into the bed. I kneaded and kissed his silky buttocks and then I shot up, covering him, pressing my mouth to the nape of his neck and sliding my hands under him. I found his cock already stiff and I held it in my left hand as I jutted my own cock into him. It was tight and scratching and unspeakably luscious.

He gave a little wince. But I was still well-greased and it slid back and forth easily. And I clasped both my hands around his cock and pushed up so that he was on his knees just barely, his face still pressed into the pillow. And then I galloped him hard under me, spanking my belly against his soft clean buttocks as I heard him moan, pulling his cock stiffer and stiffer, until when I heard him cry out, I released into him, his semen spilling over my fingers.

The purpose is to read something that takes you away from reality for a while, and puts you in an amazing world for a time. A world that is exciting, where everyone is open with their sexuality, where the word taboo does not exist. Open your minds and read this trilogy!!


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