1Q84 * Drinking Game

I have enjoyed 1Q84 a lot and in honor of the masterpiece, I have designed the following drinking game. PS (You might want to see the Sailor Moon Drinking Game and the 50 Shades of Gray Drinking Game too)

Drinking Game:

Drink 1 shot of whiskey:

  • Whenever Aomame thinks about the size of her boobs
  • Whenever pubic hair is mentioned (nurse included)
  • Whenever someone gets an erection (double shots if the erection is described in great detail)
  • Whenever the NHK fee collector appears to knock at the door and demand payment
  • Whenever the Witnesses are described as a cult rather than religion

Drink 1 mojito:

  • Whenever Aomame picks up a man to have sex with
  • Whenever Aomame kills a man
  • The shape of a head is described
  • Sean Connery appears in the talks
  • Whenever a crow appears

Drink 1 bottle of beer:

  • Whenever someone sees the two moons
  • Whenever Tengo thinks of his mother (talk about Oedipus complex!)
  • Whenever someone sits in an enclosed space (box, room, shed) (This will get you really drunk!)
  • Whenever Sagikake is mentioned

Drink 1 sake:

  • Whenever someone in the book drinks sake or white wine
  • Whenever the slender build of Fuka-Eri is described
  • Whenever a woman’s piece of clothing is described as fashionable (vice-principal and cram-school secretary included)
  • Whenever Tengo complains about the phone ringing in the middle of the night

Drink 1 pina collada:

  • Whenever Little People appear
  • Whenever an Air Chrysalis materializes
  • Whenever Janacec Simphonietta is mentioned.



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