Nobody’s baby but mine * Susan Elizabeth Phillips

I have dived deep into the Chicago Stars series with Susan Elizabeth Phillips * Natural Born Charmer and now “Nobody’s baby but mine”.
It’s the story of genius physics professor, Dr. Jane Darlington, who after reaching her 34th birthday decides to have a baby by any means. Afraid that going to a sperm bank will leave her with a med student ‘s high-iq sperm, she agrees to her neighbour’s scheme to be the high-class hooker for Cal Bonner’s birthday.
It was very lucky that her ovulation period fell on the same date as the hunk’s birthday!

Cal Bonner is perfect for her. A warrior, muscular and strong but dumb as a whistle, she performs her “seduction” and after two meetings, she’s pregnant!
Unfortunately, this good ol’ boy is a lot smarter than he lets on, and he’s not about to be used by a brainy, baby-mad schemer.

Cal Bonner is a bit of a bully and he likes to scream at people and Jane won’t have none of it. They decide to get married (well, he does because he’s a bit old-fashioned) and they go to Salvation, Cal’s home city, where she has to make his parents hate her as she won’t stick around after the pregnancy as Cal will divorce her as soon as the baby is out.
A bit of a dumb idea – get married so the baby has a dad for the duration of the pregnancy and then divorce afterwards leaving the baby fatherless!
But proximity builds interest and interest builds love and as they each work through their issues (age, body shape, appearances), they learn to love each other.

“I knew it! I knew you’d hate my body!” She slammed her hands on her hips, marched over to the bed, and glared down at him. “Well, for your information, mister, all those cute little sex kittens in your past might have had perfect bodies, but they don’t know a lepton from a proton,and if you think that I’m going to stand here and let you judge me by the size of my hips and because my belly’s not flat, then you’re in for a rude awakening.” She jabbed her finger at him. “This is the way a grown woman looks, buster! This body was designed by God to be functional, not to be stared at by some hormonally imbalanced jock who can only get aroused by women who still own Barbie dolls”

“Damn. Now I’ve got to gag you.” With one swift motion, he pulled her down on the bed, rolled on top of her, and covered her lips with his own.”

There is a secondary love story in the book, between Cal’s mom and dad and how a marriage started at an early age can start to crumble when the people who originally fell in love are not themselves anymore – they’ve grown up. I loved the heartbreaking story of the mountain girl selling cookies to feed her child as her husband goes to school but you’ll have to read the book to find it.

All works out in the end and the brainy professor and the smart football player make a good match.

“You were the best birthday present I ever got.”
“Thank you.”
“I wanted to give you something back, but I’ve got to warn you that it’s not half as good as my present. Even so, you have to keep it.”
“All right.”
He draped the pink bow around his neck and grinned. “Happy birthday, Rosebud.”

Imagine how different this book would have been if he wasn’t a decent guy but a true hillbilly. It would have ended on chapter 1 when he would not have given a damn about any offspring.

“My wife is so much a part of me, she’s like the breath coming into my body. I love her very much.”


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