Dean Koontz’ The Final Hour

I’m so looking forward to reading “Ashley Bell” but in the mean time I have to satisfy my appetite with a smaller novella.
Following Last Light comes Final Hour, the second of two standalone eBook original novellas leading in to Ashley Bell, the highly anticipated new novel of suspense from Dean Koontz!

that September day, an offshore breeze polished the glassy breakers, which were sweet ten-footers pumping in powerful sets, and though makani wanted to be surfing, a chance encounter with a wicked woman left her riding instead waves of dread and chaos.

Just by touching others, Makani Hisoka-O’Brien can see the darkest secrets they keep. (Remember Odd Thomas?) The troubling talent has made the Southern California surfer wary of casual contact. But while impulsively saving a stranger from an accident, she experiences her most disturbing vision.

With only a good friend to help her, and mere traces of information to guide her, Makani must track down two mysterious women—one of them innocent, one not. The evil is outwardly beautiful: “a hot blond psycho.” A hyper-narcissist. The good one is an artist, despised by her goodness by her more materialistic sister. Both are twins. Look the same but are polar opposites.

Makani is Hawaiian and grew up on the islands. She now spends her time making custom hot rods (she drives a 54 Chevy) and tooling around Balboa with her black Labrador, Bob. Both Makani and Pogo are master surfers and long, wonderful paragraphs are spent describing the sport and some memorable rides. Koontz tells us that Pogo has a role in Ashley Bell but Makani does not. Both novellas are fast reads and they can be read in any order but I would suggest to start with Last Light. Read them while we wait for Ashley Bell which promises to be another Koontz masterpiece.

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