Kong is King around here! 10 Reasons why I loved this movie!

I loved Kong! Much more than “Logan”. Feel free to throw the rotten tomatoes at me but I didn’t feel any of the XMen excitement when watching the latest installment in the series. It was more like a family drama than like a proper action packed installment. I get it, Logan is not coming back, those stones at the grave will no longer move and that cheesy X sign will guard his body forever. And THANK YOU Marvel for not giving us a freaking end credit. Waited 3 minutes for it and nothing happened! Even Kong had some amazing end credits forshadowing the Godzilla movie coming 2020.

Enough ranting about “Logan”… Loved Kong and let me tell you why!

  1. We see a lot of Kong. He’s not shy and he does appear between action scenes either as a calm and majestic creature or as a temperamental beast going ape (you see what I did there?) on the poor soldiers! If you think back at Godzilla, all the shots were terrible, taken from rainy days, – windshield wipers going or from the inside of a truck. You would have to struggle to see the animated monster (and only after 2h of waiting have 5 minutes of screen time)
  2. The Jungle was pretty awesome! I was breathless everytime it showed on screen. The marshes, the insects, the birds flying in the distance. It looked like an advert to go and visit the Vientamese mountains
  3. The village looked like something taken out of Apocalypse Now (of you haven’t seen it, I truly recommend it) and the face paintings and tribal way of life was well presented and not just skimmed over
  4. The cute story of the castaways and how they became friends and how people are brothers if you take the uniform off. This is a very powerful anti-war statement in a period where war was the talk of the day.
  5. The other beasts on the island were absolutely amazing! From the doe-eyed bull to the insects (and ewwwww to the giant spider)
  6. Even the bigger nemesis that dwelled underground was beautifully animated! Those teeth pointing inwards reminded me of marine animals that once they take a bite they never let go. And acid spewing and speed – they are deadly killing machines.
  7. I didn’t want to put him first but he’s definitely in the list. Tom Hiddleston! OMG he’s such a hottie. His shirt wearing self got me salivating on the edge of the seat! Tom – if you’re ever in the UK and want to take out a fat chick, I volunteer as a tribute 🙂
  8. The Vietnam War and the 70’s vibe was really good! From the music, to the hairdo’s, to the pro and anti-war talks. The General is smiling when he gets sent on this mission as he didn’t want to answer the question on everyone’s lips: “What did they die for?”. And the reason why he goes on such a rage over Kong killing his men is because he does not want to be the bearer of bad news for one more mother, one more wife.
  9. I liked the way they put a background to Kong’s reason for destroying the airplanes: they were on his territory and they started first. And the reason why he hates the other monsters is because they killed his parents.
  10. The last item on this list is the massive roar that Kong gives when he attacks. The sound guy should get an award!

Things  didn’t find so good: their main female lead was OK-ish but did not make much of an effort. She had two faces: teary eyed and nearly tail-wagging when Kong appeared and mule-faced in the rest of the shots.

There wasn’t actually a main lead and that was felt in the direction of the movie. I also found it odd that nobody was saying anything about what was going on around them despite the continuous questions being asked (“Are we not going to talk about what just happened?”).

And if I think about it, the whole reason why Kong went wild is because these people came out of nowhere to chart an unchartered island and the way they do it is by dropping bombs. Is that the way to handle unknown places? You go silent and assess the diameter, do geological sampling in a non-intrusive way. What if there was a volcano underneath the island and they hit magma?

Also I would like to give three awards:

1 Most pointless death:


2 Best kill ever: Kong taking out the mega monster by ripping his f&%king brains out through his mouth by pulling on the f^£%ing tongue!

3 And the award of the evening goes to the the raw-est sushi ever!


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