What we want and what we don’t get

We want what we take to just be the simple stupidity of all the other people we’re not like at all, we want to freeze happiness, to make nice things permanent.

You’re in Venice, on the Lagoon, with no responsibilities, the evening sun throwing gold flakes across the sea, the prospect of dinner in a little fish restaurant, and your beloved in a cashmere jumper on your arms. You want to make that feeling permanent. But that all goes and what is really permanent is the partner.

You want to stop thinking about love. It’s such a pain, the heartache, the dating, the one-night-stands. You want a shot of it all. You want to stop thinking about love all the time.

But it’s not your fault. No one really teaches us to do these things so, of course, we crash. We will eventually learn, as a species, the callous madness can’t go on, too many people get hurt.

In a few centuries, at least, we’ll be getting the hang of it, for sure.

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