The Girl on the Train * Or how spying on your ex can work for you!

Well, I think I’m pulling movie nights this week in a desperate attempt to feel like I’m paying for something (ie my Cineworld unlimited subscription). Seen Storks the day before yesterday and seen “The Girl on the Train” yesterday night. Based on the book with the same name which I haven’t read so far due to the hype (we all know about the Fifty Shades of Grey Hype – just because people are talking about it, it does not mean it’s any good). The movie blew my mind!

I haven’t seen Emily Blunt perform so well ever since The Edge of Tomorrow and I really hope she gets nominated or something (the Oscars are shitty but I hope she gets a Globe)


OK, so why did I enjoy the movie? Was it the ton of sex scenes that had half the ladies in the audience gasping and the guys putting their coats over their knees? Was it the attractive girl next door with a hot husband and a body to kill for?


Or maybe the plot twists that kept on coming? BTW, stop here if you wanna see the movie ’cause I’m gonna spoil the main theme later down on the page. I warned you so keep on reading only if you don’t care about the movie and just wanna brag to your homies that you’ve seen it or option b.) you’ve seen it already and want to see if you liked it for the same reason(s) I did.

The plot

It all begins (as the name of the movie suggests) on a train, where Rachel, a drunken, obsessive divorcee, rides the train to London on a daily commute to nothing in order to keep secret from her roommate that she’s lost her job over a year back due to her drinking. Rachel can see the home she made with her ex-husband along her route as well as the home of what she considers a perfect couple. Not that she is in a strong position to judge another human being, Rachel one day notices something that she feels is immoral and irresponsible. Getting to the bottom of what has happened gives her life more purpose than she’s had since before her divorce and gets her to face her hidden past.

The characters

There are three very strong leads, all connected by the same man.

Rachel was trying really hard to have a baby with her husband Tom, but they finally get divorced when her drunken spouts turn to violence AND she finds incriminating emails on his computer written to Anna, confessing his love to her and his desire to be together. Rachel derails after the split-up – she moves in with a girlfriend and what started off as a week to recuperate turns into two years, where Rachel “goes to work” and “comes back from work” drunk.

2eb503b600000578-0-image-a-1_1448233722788Rachel is rarely sober – she guzzles down vodka like I do water and even though she made feeble attempts to stop, she can’t as she’s continuously reminded of the life she could have had by looking at Anne’s house whenever the train goes past. She keeps drunk-ringing Tom, stalking his Facebook profile, leaving voicemail that show just how low’s she’s fallen.



Tom and Anna
Tom and Anna

And while Anne is getting scared and annoyed by the constant hassle of the ex-wife, Tom tells her to ignore her as she’s just a pathetic and sad woman.  Now, this is what I thought was odd – when you are going through a nasty piece of divorce that ends up in drunk calls – why the hell would you not block the person? That’s what I did when I went during mine! (Not divorce but breakup). I blocked the f$£ker on all social media accounts and changed my number. Plus the iPhone has such handy features like Block Caller ID.

girl_on_a_train_the-c176fOK, back to the story. On Rachel’s way to work, she is spying on this couple living a few doors down from her old place and she invents back-stories for them. But appearances do falter when placed under scrutiny and one morning Rachel witnesses the woman kissing another man.

This is where Rachel goes off the track – if this perfect couple can’t make it work, who can? Why did the woman cheat? Why wasn’t the man good enough for her? Why couldn’t she keep him? Isn’t it always easier to focus on the faults of others when your own are so heavy and smothering?

On the way back she gets off at her station and follows her into a tunnel screaming “You whore!!!” and then blackout. She wakes up covered in blood, in her own place with a nasty hangover. This is where the plot begins with Megan’s disappearance – and we have a few possible suspects:

  • Rachel – who hated the woman for cheating and has flashbacks of her slamming Megan’s head against the kitchen table. She also has a few black-out hours where she can’t remember what she’s done or where she’s been but we know she might be violent because of how she treated Tom.
  • Scott – Megan’s husband – overly possessive, might have found out she was having an affair and killed her in jealousy
  • The shrink that Megan was seeing – trying to cover up his trails

da2fd16dd-1It’s all “Who-done-it?” type of movie and it kinda reminded me of “Gone Girl”. But I say kinda…

“The Girl on the Train” can’t fill Amazing Amy’s shoes

The plot thickens as it comes out that Megan was pregnant and it wasn’t her husband’s baby.

Rachel is  playing a dangerous game. She approaches Scott to tell him about her affair with the shrink but he finds out who she is and attacks her… The detective also thinks she’s done it and forgotten about it and possibly even Rachel herself thinks she’s done it – a substitute for murdering Anna.

Anna’s life is not as rosy as it seems. She was the other woman that Tom cheated with and now she’s married to him and had a baby. She’s in full “marital bliss” but she spends most of her days at home, sleeping on the sofa. When she and Tom have sex, it’s not the passionate affair anymore and it seems dull to both of them. When her nanny, Megan, quits her job to pursue a gallery director position, Megan asks her – “Why can’t you take care of the baby? You don’t work!.” And she has a point – she does nothing all day but sit at home. Anna is trying to explain but kinda fails in my point of view:

“I browse the fresh produce markets every day to find the best food to give her [the baby]. I then puree it and feed her.”

3ba693703ffd029bfe72a8bf9e632b03That’s lame as hell! I would be properly bored if I had to do this on a daily basis, and Megan is right, she does not need a nanny. Especially one that has a sex drive and a sexy body like MEGAN!

The third woman in the story is Megan. She’s seeing a therapist (to deal with her teen-years trauma) and she’s sex on legs. The way she moves, the way she looks, she breathes sensuality and something else, something cold. She does not seem to love her husband but she is attracted to his “possessive” side, the way he “guesses” her passwords and reads her emails and texts.

As the story unfolds, we find out she was being pressured into having a baby so she and Scott could be a family, but she didn’t want any kids after the first born she had drowned in the tub with her and had to be buried in the woods.  She tells the therapist she’s pregnant before she tells her husband and then she goes missing…960x410_abd505811ba09641308ff86ffcb0cd04

Spoiler Zone

You have come this far and you’re about to find out who’s done it. IT WAS TOM! FREAKING TOM! That cheating asshole blamed his wife’s drinking problems for his job loss and not the fact that he “couldn’t keep his dick in his pants”. He took advantage of his wife’s blackouts when drunk and told her she did bad things, nasty things.  And he’s such an asshole that when he couldn’t get the satisfaction he wanted  from his second wife, he went on and cheated again, and again, and again. Megan was only the last one on his list of conquests. He thought it would be “fun to have both of them around” at home so he gets Megan the nanny job.


When Megan stupidly tells him she’s pregnant ( IN THE MIDDLE OF AN ABANDONED FOREST!) He pushes her down and then kills her (brutally in 1 whole minute, 60 whole seconds, stomping her heat and then beating her with a rock).

Anna suspects something is wrong when she finds Megan’s phone in Tom’s belongings but does not confront him or go to the police. She is determined not to leave him like a dog fighting over a bone it stole from another dog. Even when Rachel comes by to warn her and ask her to leave, she does not budge. Even when Tom drags Rachel in, hits her in the head with a glass, starts to freaking strangle her in the hallway, Anne does not do anything but sit at the top of the stairs. I mean, WTF! Any human in their right mind would have intervened at this point!

The movie ends with Rachel killing Tom in self-defense (pushing a corkscrew in his throat) and then Anne finally coming out and finding Tom on the floor, bends down and starts spinning that corkscrew. Now, I’m no legal expert but I see some problems here: Rachel was acting in self-defense, Anna was pretty much murdering Tom and her fingerprints were destroying Rachel’s on the murder weapon. They should have both gone to jail. I suppose, since they stuck to their stories, they got away with it and became best friends.

And probably one of them will be banging Scott in the future as such a hot piece of ass is not left alone for long. Meh. Ending kinda sucked but the rest was good!

He will be missed. Cheating ex husband.
He will be missed. Cheating ex husband.


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